Our History

epi STAR Industry Sdn Bhd was established in Kampung Baru Subang on 24th August 2005 to provide quality waste management services to our valued customers and society. We are a full service paper recycling company serving and meeting the needs of all business both commercial and industrial customers.

For business that need documents destroyed epi STAR Industry Sdn Bhd can provide customized Document Destruction Program to properly crush and destroy at our facility before they are baled and sent directly to paper mill for recycling. And in addition to paper product, we also recycle plastic and other metals.

epi STAR Industry Sdn Bhd is one of Malaysia most successful waste paper packer and also the official packing center for GS Paper & Packaging Sdn Bhd. Our mission is to provide the necessary Experience, Efficiency and Dependability for your business in order to save the environment, trees and your money.

Wide Coverage

With a network of 250 regional recycling agents, epi STAR Industry Sdn Bhd offers services for paper and cardboard recycling. Material that would have otherwise been destined for landfill is reprocessed and manufactured into variety of value added products including cardboard boxes, point-of sale displays, new packaging material and much more. Recently we have upgraded and diversified our services include non-hazardous solid waste disposal to authorized landfills.

Our Commitment

Our one simple commitment that is to provide protection of the environment and conservation of resources through collection of waste that can be recycled. Since it is our responsibility, epi STAR Industry Sdn Bhd has made it a business to protect our earth resources. With this mind, we are building and developing employees and people who are green-minded and share the same commitment as the company.